Glass Flowtile

Low friction glass liners facilitate bulk material flow economically. FLOWTILE low friction liners, provide a largely maintenance-free, cost-effective solution for the lining of hoppers, bunkers and silos. With the lowest coefficient of friction under both wet and dry conditions, FLOWTILE effectively improves the free flow of bulk materials, reduce abrasion, prevent arching, bridging, rat-holing and adhesion.

Installations Done By Groupline:

Glass Flowtile has been used extensively in the coal staithes and mill bunkers at the following Eskom stations:

  • Grootvlei Power station
  • Arnot Power station
  • Hendrina Power station
  • Kelvin Power Station.
  • Mittal Newcastle and Vanderbijlpark train tipplers.
  • Sasol Nitro
  • The hoppers below screens in the granulation plant.
  • Sasol Steam
  • The coal storage silos and mill bunkers. Glass Flowtile liners are also used at various platinum mines and at the platinum smelter in Polokwane.

Flowline UHMWPE

FLOWLINE is a strong wear resistant material with a low friction co-efficient making it an ideal solution for lining chutes, hoppers, bunkers and silos. Professionally installed FLOWLINE can be relatively maintenance free, extending the working life of materials handling plants.

Installations Done By Groupline:

  • Sasol Nitro

    Granulation Plant - All the chute, cyclones and the recycle collector are lined with 10mm Flowline UHMWPE.

  • Moatize Mine - Coal

    Groupline have completed a 1800m2 Flowline UHMWPE contract with the above mentioned mine.

  • Eskom – Hendrina

    All the chutes and transfer hoppers on the coal supply conveyor have be lined by Groupline using Flowline UHMWPE - contract approximately 430m2 Mill bunker feeder pipes.

  • Richards bay Harbour

    All the storage bins, hoppers and chutes for the conveyor line in the dry bulk terminal have be lined by Groupline using various thicknesses of Flowline UHMWPE - approximately 760m2.


Groupline have completed various smaller projects to different coal and platinum mines.

Line-Ox SF Composite Linings

In order to bridge the gap between the abrasion resistant and flow enhancing liners, the patented Line-OX SF composite alumina ceramic tiles were developed to combine the wear resistant properties of alumina with low friction characteristics of glass. The wear properties of densely sintered 92% alumina ceramics are well known and this product has established an excellent reputation in a wide range of applications where its resistance to sliding abrasion is superior to 500 BI-IN plates by as much as a factor of eight.

Installations done by Groupline:

  • Tutuka, Arnot and Kendal Power Stations

    All chutes and hoppers in the coal supply and conveyors have been lined with various thickness of Line-Ox SF ceramic lining.

  • Phola Coal Mine

    Various storage bins, chutes and hoppers lined with Line-Ox SF ceramic liners.

  • Medupi Power Station

    Terrace coal and ash system chutes

  • Hendrina Power Station

    Coal handling chutes from staiths to mill bunkers.

Basalt lining of pipes and fittings.

Cast Basalt products are produced from naturally occurring Basalt rock which is melted and recrystallized and formed into various useful shapes such as tiles and cylinders. Basalt liners offer excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance and assist with flow due to their smooth glassy finish.

Moatize and Benga coal projects. All plant piping and fittings were basalt lined and all bends lined with pre-engineered 92% Alumina ceramic tiles. 80NB up to 500NB were lined.

Ceramox92 Alumina Ceramic Linings
The benefits of Ceramox92 alumina ceramic linings have been well established with all industries from power generation to mining and cement manufacture, both locally and internationally. Alumina tiles are available to suit specific wear, corrosion or other requirements and can be engineered or moulded to specific shapes. Groupline has been supplying and installing alumina linings and components since its inception in 1991.

Groupline supply and install an average of 800m2 per month to various contracts in the power generation, coal, platinum, diamond mines and to various industrial sectors.

Installations done by Groupline:

  • Xtrata Coal Mine
  • Moatize Coal Mine
  • Benga Coal Mine
  • Khumani Iron Ore
  • Sishen South
  • Kendal power station mill lining 5 year contract
  • Grootegeluk- Exarro Mine
  • Kep Parsons SMP3
  • Eskom power stations
92% Alumina Pulley Line Tiles

20mm x 20mm x 6 or 10mm thick pulley lagging tiles are bonded directly onto the steel surface of the head or drive pulleys with a specially formulated high strength epoxy resin adhesive.

  • Extremely hard, extending the life of your head pulley, reducing costly downtime
  • "Pulley Line" tiles are studded for grip reducing belt slippage
Aero-Tech Ceramic

Aero-Tech is an advanced bonding technology that combines specialized structural adhesives, wear resistant materials and controlled processing. Applications requiring high reliability, impact resistance, and wear protection are ideal candidates for Aero-Tech bonding solutions. Aero-Tech allows the ceramic lined item to flex and bend without compromising the integrity of the bond. When alumina ceramic lining is used the weight of the equipment can be reduced as our exclusive process enables us to reduce the thickness of the steel and replace a portion of the thickness with the ceramic, which is 50% lighter.

Valuable features of Aero-Tech bonded materials include:

  • Increased effective impact resistance of Groupline’s fine grain ceramic tiles.
  • Unparalleled performance in dynamic applications.
  • Tested high shear strength.
  • Proven performance in light weight designs.
  • Economical repair of worn components.

Installations done by Groupline:

  • Manganese Metal Company
  • Clyde Brickfields
  • Vibrating feeder pans.
  • Pump housings.
  • Screw conveyors.
  • Cyclones.
  • Wear liner plates.
Other services offered:
  • Light fabrication work, piping and plate work items.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Polyurea spray on system.
  • Screen panels.
  • Valves and fittings.
  • Ceramic impact panels.
  • On site steel repairs and window patching.
  • Epoxy wear linings.
  • Steel liners.